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Posted: 7/30/20150 Entries
Georgia Coatings Makes TV Appearance
By Patricia Meek
Check out this TV appearance by Patricia's clients, Jeff and Roxanne Ecklund of  Georgia Coatings on WXIA's Atlanta & Co. with Christine Pullara.
Jeff and Roxanne explain the numerous benefits of their product, Rhino Shield ceramic coating. It's not exterior house paint, but an 'elastomeric' (elasticized) ceramic polymer that is 8 to 10 times thicker than normal house paint.

Jeff explains that Rhino Shield lasts 25 years instead of the usual 5 to 10 because it keeps sun, rain and moisture vapors from penetrating and breaking down the substance of the coating. It goes on all substrates, taking on the texture of stucco, brick, etc. to retain its natural beauty. It is elastomeric - able to bend and stretch with expansion and contraction of the home during heat and cold weather. So it doesn't bubble, blister, crack or peel. That's backed up with a 25 year transferrable warranty that includes labor and materials.
It's also Low-E rated, meaning that Rhino Shield ceramic coating keeps the air between the inside and the outside of the home closer to the inside temp, which results in a drop in heating and cooling bills in many cases. 
In addition to modern day residences, Georgia Coatings specializes in Historical Renovation, repairing and protecting older homes and buildings such as churches. Their teams are EPA lead paint certified to work on homes older than 1978. 
Whether it's an old or new home, they treat it with the same care. First their team masks everything off and protects the shrubbery and plants. Then they sand, scrape, caulk, pressure wash, repaint and replace bad wood instead of covering it over. The next step is an adhesive sealer sprayed over the entire surface. Then comes the final layer of Rhino Shield in color.
Georgia Coatings is A Rated by the Atlanta Better Business Bureau. Take advantage of their 25% off summer special or 12 months same as cash. Call Georgia Coatings at 678-205-4500 for more information. Tell them you heard it from Patricia.

Posted: 7/6/20150 Entries
What Did You Call Me?
By Patricia Meek
Would you rather retire to an 'active mature community' or a 'senior facility?'  Be very careful not to offend your customers with insensitive wording. At Georgia Hosting, we take such things into consideration when we develop websites and marketing for your company.

Here's another example: "55 and Older Community." Aging folks don't want to think about getting older, please. Call it "55 and Better."
The Maturing Population, also known as Seniors, has been taking most of the brunt of such insensitivity, but there are other populations who can become just as offended: any race or culture gender reference, small children, awkward teens, women for a multitude of reasons, animal lovers, and the list goes on.. 
Georgia Hosting editors take such things into account when developing a website. We find that it's better to have have several people from your age/culture/whatever bracket review the website or marketing copy before publishing it. If possible, it is always even more telling to watch their reactions to the words.
Call Georgia Hosting's Web Content Editor to get more information and about writing carefully worded targeted copy. Call 770-356-5173. 
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