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Posted: 2/19/2014
Choose Titles Carefully
By Patricia Meek
Website-making is not as easy as the big domain providers would make it out to be. If you want a successful website, a lot of planning must go into its development.
One thing to be careful about is the use of certain keyboard characters in website names, titles, text and photo attributions. Hard Coding is the general term for various programming languages employed to the framework for your website. To the average person, it looks like alien gibberish.
For example, if you look in your Web Control page development boxes, you'll see HTML at the bottom of each page on the left side of the blue bar. If you click on HTML, you can see the actual hard coding that makes your page development possible. Click back on Normal to see it in English.
The point is, hard coding relies heavily on some keyboard characters such as commas, semicolons. quote marks and parentheses to execute and complete certain commands. Places where text is supposed to be placed within the website are coded so that you can use these characters without complication. However, titles, attributes and some other places within the website may not have been protected. Using a dash in the name, for example, can cause a website malfunction.
In addition, using such characters in website titles or page names may cause search engines to become confused and bypass your site. The result is low or no ranking.
Suppose your company name is Life-Style Designs. Change website titles to Lifestyle and you'll have better results.
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