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Posted: 1/27/2015
Website Video Makes A Major Impact
By Patricia Meek

A website video can make a major impact on your internet presence in website development. Videos can be included in new website design, dropped into current websites built by Georgia Hosting, or linked into your website via YouTube.
  • They act as a more personable introduction
  • Enhance your website
  • Provide extra value to viewers
  • Generate excitement for the product
  • Increase internet ranking
Examples Include:
  • A Quick "Who we are, What we do, How to get it" for those who don't want to read the whole website
  • Personable "Welcome" From Owner
  • Product Displays
  • How-To Demonstrations
  • Tour of Facilities
  • Group Discussions, Interviews, Testimonials
  • Properties/Homes For Sale/Rent
  • Before and After
  • Music Related Websites
  • Action Footage for Athletes or Athletic Resumes
Imagine having a website video welcoming your guests and giving them a tour of your facilities. Your customers will feel like they know you better, and will prefer doing business with you instead of the competitor.
It is easy to make a website video. The average length is 1 -2 minutes, just enough time to capture interest. We handle all the details for you, and the price is very reasonable. Please contact Georgia Hosting via our website or give us a call at 770-356-5173.
Posted: 1/26/2015
Keywords, Metatags and Titles
By Patricia Meek
Simple words to the wise for building a website that is more successfully 'spidered' by search engine bots:
Keep the title (or page header) short and to the fact. Industry experts suggest that 60-65 characters should be the maximum. The title tag also appears at the top of some browsers when the website is selected, so make sure it packs a solid punch of information about your web page.
Key Words should be kept to a minimum of 3 to 4 words that summarize your page or product.
Metatags can expand on that concept a bit. For example, you sell websites. Expand on that concept to include "professional website," "e-commerce website" and "business website."
Posted: 7/2/20140 Entries
Make Your Company Logo Stand For Something
By Patricia Meek
Branding is everything, starting with your company logo. What does that mean? According to Reputations Corporation consultancy group, 72% of potential customers say a company's reputation influences their buying habits. 80% say reputation is the tiebreaker between virtually equal products. Your 'brand' is the 'face' of your company that the public sees, and what it represents. Think of a big red, bulbous "K." Nothing but one letter. Yet what comes to mind? Kellogg's cereals? Special K? A huge corporation? Wheat fields stretching endlessly to the horizon on a beautiful morning? What other words come to mind? Healthy? Wholesome? Satisfying? Are you hungry yet? Branding...company, reputation...usually all summed up in a simple graphic artwork that is called a logo. Make yours count!
At Georgia Hosting, we not only custom design websites to meet your needs, but we can work with you to design your company logo or update a current one. Give us a call at 770-356-5173 or use our convenient website contact form to get free information on how we might be able to help you develop a superior logo that captures your company's spirit.
Posted: 2/26/2014
Website Photos
By Pat Meek
Consider these things when using photos in your website:
Use your own photos whenever possible, so people can see the real thing.If you aren't a good photographer, it is worth it to get a professional who can display your home, product or facility in the best light.
However, when applying a concept, such as "Call now! Operators are standing by!" a stock photo of someone on the phone will do.
Before and After shots are very persuasive sellers.
People are naturally attracted to faces. Always include happy faces in your website if at all possible.
Photos do not need to be large to make a good impression. Smaller pictures load faster, keeping your viewer's attention.
Graphics such as pie charts or detailed reports should load as a .pdf so the viewer can click to get a full sized version for examination.
The main rule is to let pictures tell the story but never drown out your content.

Posted: 2/19/2014
Choose Titles Carefully
By Patricia Meek
Website-making is not as easy as the big domain providers would make it out to be. If you want a successful website, a lot of planning must go into its development.
One thing to be careful about is the use of certain keyboard characters in website names, titles, text and photo attributions. Hard Coding is the general term for various programming languages employed to the framework for your website. To the average person, it looks like alien gibberish.
For example, if you look in your Web Control page development boxes, you'll see HTML at the bottom of each page on the left side of the blue bar. If you click on HTML, you can see the actual hard coding that makes your page development possible. Click back on Normal to see it in English.
The point is, hard coding relies heavily on some keyboard characters such as commas, semicolons. quote marks and parentheses to execute and complete certain commands. Places where text is supposed to be placed within the website are coded so that you can use these characters without complication. However, titles, attributes and some other places within the website may not have been protected. Using a dash in the name, for example, can cause a website malfunction.
In addition, using such characters in website titles or page names may cause search engines to become confused and bypass your site. The result is low or no ranking.
Suppose your company name is Life-Style Designs. Change website titles to Lifestyle and you'll have better results.
Posted: 2/13/20140 Entries
Website Updates a Must!
By Patricia Meek
Don't overlook the importance of updating your website on a frequent basis.
Search engines that do not detect regular change at least every three months assume the website is stagnant or perhaps no longer in business. Your ranking drops as a result.
Also, viewers who access your website regularly look forward to something fresh each time. 
Make some kind of a change: update information, add a photo, move things around. With our Web Control management system, you can make almost all changes yourself, instantaneously. 

Go a step further. If you want to reach a larger audience, Georgia Hosting has an entire Marketing Matrix of solutions to boost your rankings and internet presence. 

Give us a call today at 770-356-5173 or use our convenient Contact Page.
Posted: 11/1/2013
Your Website Must Have Information, Interaction, Interest
By pmeek
Website Design
Your website must be more than a business card, but loaded with information, interaction and interest. Georgia Hosting has a decade-long history of providing of comprehensive Internet solutions including Website Design with built-in Blogging, E-Commerce, Credit Card Merchant and Hosting Solutions. 

Keeping Up With The Times

We use the latest website design and database technologies designed to provide the maximum impact on website visitors and maintenance tools to help you maintain page content. Georgia Hosting custom-built websites are easy to maintain! No special training required. MAKE YOUR OWN CHANGES ANY TIME TO MOST OF THE WEBSITE. This keeps it fresh, with your message and your products or services always up-to-date. 


Georgia Hosting builds websites deliberately geared for marketing your company even more. BUILT-IN FEATURES such as Meta Tag Editor, Customized Title Tags, Keyword Research Tools, Analytics, Reports, Contact Management and Content Management gives your business an edge in internet marketing.
The longer they longer, the more likely they are to buy. Keep your customers involved in your website with informative content, interactive features such as the contact form, blogs, embedded videos, and so on. Generate more interest by inviting them to get involved in your connective facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. 
Website Solutions - Reach Local, National, Worldwide!

Our Web solutions give your company an attractive TARGETED local, national and worldwide presence, plus a great deal of purpose, helping you to reach potential customers - anywhere - for your products and services. Combined with cutting-edge graphics, Georgia Hosting provides everything you need in one place for all your online business. Call us today, or use our convenient Contact page!
Posted: 9/22/2012
We Call it The Traffic Magnet
Did you know that 77% of all internet users follow one or more Blogs? If you're not capitalizing on the growing community, you're missing out  
on huge business. Bloggers are passionate about sharing, and if you have one as a client and can turn them into a raving fan, they can propel your business to new heights. We'll create and manage your video blog for you, all with push button simplicity so you can leverage this influence engine giant for your benefit.
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