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Posted: 7/29/2013
What Is Organic Marketing Compared to Others?
Organic Marketing is a generic term for businesses who use internet and social media to establish a rapport with customers. It is also referred to as 'Inbound Marketing.'
Organic marketing is different from Direct Marketing, Advertising, C2B Marketing and POS (Point Of Sale). Here's why:
Direct Marketing seeks new customers who are not highly interested. This type of marketing usually involves a heavy investment of time and money.The emphasis is on reaching the individual. An example of this is mass mailers that go directly to personal mailboxes.
C2B Marketing is a blanket type of marketing, reaching out to a large population at once. Advertising also covers a population and involves more time and money. Examples of this type are radio or TV commercials. The difference is that marketing develops name recognition and a loyal following. Advertising promotes special sales or events.
POS (point of sale) is a third means of reaching the public, by indirect methods. Examples of this type include reaching the public through reputation, referrals, links in the Yellow Pages, etc.
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