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Posted: 3/26/2015
Give Me a Good Reason To Blog
By Patricia Meek
At Georgia Hosting, I'm usually the blog writer for our clients. With degrees in Journalism and Art, plus experience as an Atlanta magazine editor, I have the necessary tools to make a sensible article out of just about any subject.
But when people ask me why they should have a blog, hey, I'm new to this ever-changing world of computers, too. I don't have all the answers except to say that from a webmaster's point of view, every time your name goes out on the internet again, it positively affects rankings. You don't have to write War and Peace, just a couple of short paragraphs that put your name out there again and again. That's how marketing works. Someone may not hear you the first time, but maybe they'll notice you the 20th time. When you tie your blog in to your facebook, twitter and whatever-the-latest-thing-is accounts, you market exponentially with just one article and a lot less work.
That's part of my job doing local seo for Georgia Hosting. Posting may be a little time-consuming but it's the best thing when your company has a limited advertising budget, and a great thing if you're a larger company that is trying to be more consumer-friendly.
However, I want to give you more than just the two concepts of boosting ranking and repetitive marketing. So I went to my great oracle - the internet itself - to ask what others have to say about Reasons To Blog. Here are some results:
Allows you to get more in-depth on a single subject or product
Big company news or sudden changes
Highlight or give kudos to an employee
Brag about a high-profile or difficult project
Show Before and After shots
Collect general customer opinions ("How are we doing?")
Expose new concepts and get feedback before it goes into production
Target certain topics for long-range discussion over several postings
Tell about community service projects your company is involved in
Put out a call for a network 'think tank' of  experts on a crucial issue
Draw in new customers who dsicover your blog when they do a topic search
Here is my personal reason to blog: The more I must write about a topic, the more focused I become. I get it out of my head and down on 'paper' as such. Seeing it on the page gives me a new perspective with which to form decisions, and it may be the launching point of an all-new train of innovative thought.  For a lot of very good reasons, it is worth taking the time to blog.
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