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Posted: 7/24/2013
Website Video Makes A Major Impact
By pm
A website video can make a major impact on your Internet presence, drawing in more customers and crossing over into other social media, thereby 'spreading the word' about your business.
Videos can be included in new websites, dropped into current ones, or linked into a website via YouTube.
Website Video Advantages:
  • Makes a more personable introduction to your company (a welcome by the company president, for example)
  • Enhances the quality of your website
  • Provides extra value to viewers with introductions, how-to's or product displays
  • Provides 'live' information such as walk-thoughs, or online portfolio of performances
  • Generates more excitement for your products or services
  • The viewer makes a stronger connection with your company
  • Increases Internet ranking
Examples Include:
  • A Quick "Who we are, What we do, How to get it" for those who don't want to read the whole website
  • Personable "Welcome" From Owner
  • Product Displays
  • How-To Demonstrations
  • Tour of Facilities
  • Group Discussions, Interviews, Testimonials
  • Properties/Homes For Sale/Rent
  • Before and Aftermake-overs
  • Music Related Websites
  • Action Footage for Athletes or Performers
  • Online Portfolio for Artists
Imagine having a website video welcoming your guests and giving them a tour of your facilities. Your customers will feel like they know you better, and will prefer doing business with you instead of the competitor.
It's easy to make a website video. The average length is 1 -2 minutes, just enough time to capture interest. We handle all the details for you, and the price is very reasonable. Contact Local SEO Atlanta today for your free consultation.
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